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Network Engineering Career Learning Path

Tech professionals need to stay current with the latest trends and technologies. Following the activity of industry leaders on social media or YouTube can be an effective way to keep up-to-date. This practice can help you discover in-demand skills employers are currently interested in. You can also join relevant communities and forums to connect with other professionals in your industry. Completing a Professional Certificate or other types of education can be worthwhile. For example, IBM offen IT Support Professional Certificate that you can use to gain vital IT skills and experience.

  • Don’t overlook the military as a launching pad for a career in network engineering.
  • ASU Online is dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality online education to students from across the country and around the world.
  • Control systems staff engineers are seasoned professionals overseeing critical infrastructure and providing technical support across the board.
  • Connect with thousands of other active learners and existing certificate holders to ask questions and share your learning journey.
  • Becoming a freelance network technician is, perhaps, a slightly easier task than becoming a network engineer.
  • According to Dice’s most recent Tech Salary Report, the average network engineer salary is $99,103, up 6.1 percent year-over-year.

There is a lot of planning and scheduling to take care of; providing own technical expertise to boost the process is often called for. Since network engineering covers a number of job positions, switching between related professions is not so rare. Network technicians should not find it difficult to expand their field of expertise either by pursuing further academic studies or obtaining additional certification. Job shadowing and working under a mentor is yet another excellent way to learn valuable skills and protocols from network engineers with more experience.

DevOps Engineer Skills: What Do You Need to Know?

You can earn a shareable certificate while learning essential network engineering skills from an industry leader with Cisco’s Network Automation Engineering Fundamentals Specialization online help desk engineer course. It’s self-paced, and is designed for beginners with no prior experience. This course covers topics in network automation like how to use APIs, model-driven proframmability, and more.

Large or small, they’re an integral part of everyday operations for many businesses, enabling professionals to talk to and work with each other virtually. If you have an interest in working on computer networks and being part of a team that enables company-wide communications, you may want to consider a career as a network engineer. As of October 2023, the average base salary for a network engineer in the US is $$94,704 [1]. The amount you earn depends on factors like industry, company, location, and experience. Another good example is the CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Data Center certificate. We will just add that all engineers looking to perfect their technology architecture skills should definitely consider getting the credential.

Senior level

The CCNP Enterprise certification can help you prove your skills in the ever-changing landscape of the enterprise network technologies. The certification covers core technologies and an enterprise focus area of your choice. Every organization with a complex IT infrastructure needs a Network Engineer, and the field is growing rapidly to match the pace of technological innovation. Hi everyone, I’m currently an installation technician for a Canadian ISP, also in the process of getting my CCNA in the hopes of becoming a network engineer. It’s not always necessary that you know how to code to work as a network engineer. However, knowing certain programming languages can help you become a stronger candidate and perform your job more effectively.

how to become a network engineer without working on the help desk

As the network design process continues, these professionals make recommendations on which network and data communications hardware and software to incorporate. Maintenance planners are the exact opposite of what everyone imagines network engineers to be. Certainly they spend a good deal of their day in front of the screen, but their role is to maintain contact with clients on a regular basis. Maintenance planners oversee projects from start to finish, making sure these are executed efficiently and in a timely manner.

A typical network engineer career path

Embarking on a network engineer career requires a diverse skill set, a passion for technology, and the ability to adapt to rapidly changing environments. From entry-level positions to senior roles, network engineers have various opportunities for specialisation and career advancement. Assessing personal suitability, pursuing relevant educational paths, and staying updated with industry trends will contribute to a successful network engineering career.

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